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Are You Using the Cloud To Its Full Potential To Serve Your Business Needs?


JustCloudIT has the expertise to help you on your Cloud Journey. Our expertise is setting up Cloud Management systems tailored to your business to help you effectively manage capacity, reduce cost and maximize data security.

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by | Aug 15, 2018


Tailored Cloud Services

JustCloudIT is determined to provide tailored Cloud Solutions. We are fully aware there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when moving towards or working in the Cloud and are dedicated to work with you to determine which steps are needed in your personal Cloud Journey. We have experience in industries including but not limited to financial services, health care & life sciences, media, retail and non-profit organizations and have worked with companies ranging from 50 – 5000 employees. Whether your organization is just exploring the Cloud, looking into hybrid options, governed by stringent security and compliance policies or needs to get a grip on Cloud costs, JustCloudIT has seen it all and can’t wait to share our experience with you.

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Our Services

Cloud Financial Management

Whether working i n AWS, Azure, GCP or VMware Cloud, we offer a reporting infrastructure giving you transparency into your inventory and data utilization thereby allowing for optimal use of your Cloud resources.


Cloud Migration

Moving away from the traditional data center brings several technical as well as cultural challenges. JustCloudIT can assist you to determine which pathway suits your business goals, fits your company’s culture and which process is most suited for you. 


Cloud Security & Governance

Always a concern when working in the Cloud is whether data is secure. Through our experience in various industries, including those tightly governed such as health care and finance, JustCloudIT appreciates some of the apprehension that exists towards Cloud data.


Cloud Disaster Recover

Dependency on the IT environment is one of the key challenges facing organizations today. When the data center for whatever reason is not accessible, the associated cost implications and the number of days needed to get everything up and running are unpredictable, but usually huge.



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