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Scaling Disaster Recovery


80% Savings Annually


Backbase is a leader in Digital First, Omni Channel Banking Platform and creator  of the Backbase Digital-First Banking Platform, a state-of-the-art digital banking software solution that unifies data and functionality from traditional core systems and new Fin-tech players into a seamless, digital customer experience. Backbase gives financials the speed and flexibility to create and manage seamless customer experiences across any device and deliver measurable business results. The Backbase digital banking platform is based on a modern microservice architecture with the option to run it on-premise, on a private or public cloud or as-a-service.



 Because the organization cloud adoption grew, Backbase realized that maintaining  a secondary on-premise data centre for disaster recovery purposes wasn’t a cost-effective strategy for the long-term. To support its on premise Dev & Test platform, Backbase turned to VMware on AWS for a more efficient, cloud-based disaster recovery solution for its hundreds of servers.

Backbase will decrease its annual disaster recovery expenses by 80% – eliminating the costs of duplicate management overhead, connectivity, software licensing, hardware, and more.


The Challenge

Until recently, Backbase implemented disaster recovery through a backup solution on a secondary data center. However, as its business scaled, Backbase had to keep buying duplicate hardware, software, and connectivity resources for the secondary location — all of which might never actually be used. 

As a result, Paul Heijmans, VP Software Delivery, asked JUSTCLOUDIT to work with three IT technical engineers to look for a cloud-based disaster recovery model that could give Backbase the cost efficiency and flexibility of a more on-demand experience.

With over a hundred servers, the team could not afford to compromise on a solution.  The environment included all kinds of development servers using various technologies to support all Backbase products. Backbase needed a solution that really fit their needs and could provide a working environment within 12 hours against minimal  costs. 


The Solution – VMware on AWS

 The team “looked at many disaster recovery solutions but couldn’t find the product that not only matched the in house knowledge but also was scalable, secure and a real on-demand solution to minimize costs

The fact that VMware Cloud on AWS is an integrated cloud offering jointly developed by AWS and VMware delivering a highly scalable, secure, and innovative service convinced us to set up a proof of concept. 

Paul Heijmans explains that the best way to test whether a solution is a perfect fit, is to perform an actual disaster recovery scenario. We tested the solution with all of Backbase critical servers. With VMware Cloud on AWS it made sense that we started with a daily replication schedule of all back-ups of the critical servers. After this was done we spun up a VMware environment on AWS and started configuring all settings, like firewall and network connectivity. after we had thoroughly tested and scripted all loose work, it was time for a full DR test. The actual DR test took us almost 12 hours in total and when ready, we had a working replica of our production environment.

 The DR test proved that VMware Cloud on AWS was the ideal solution to optimize, simplify and modernize Backbase’s disaster recovery solution.

 Today Backbase has fully implemented a working Disaster Recovery solution based on the Proof of Concept which can be maintained by all the engineers. 


The Result

With the main goal of finding a scalable, on demand Disaster Recovery solution, Backbase now has a solution that not only is scalable and flexible, it is also very cost effective. Using VMware Cloud on AWS saves Backbase over 80% of its DR costs annually compared to a traditional Disaster Recovery Solution.